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Filtech Resin Bonded Cartridges

Resin Bonded Cartridges are used in viscous fluid applications, and have a two-stage filtration design in order to maximize both particle removal and the service life. The outer layer collects larger particles and agglomerates, and the inner layer removes particles at the rated size. Resin bonded cartridges can be used to filter process fluids as well as drinking water. They are used with adhesives, printing inks, paints, resins, petroleum products, and organic solvents, to name a few. They are certified silicone-free to ensure that no contamination can adversely affect adhesion properties of coatings.
Resin bonded cartridges come in a multiple micron ratings, as well as a variety of lengths. They are also available plain or grooved.

Resin bonded cartridges are sold by the case. If you do not see the cartridge that you need, please select the item “LIQRESIN”, and enter the part number or item information that you have in the online order line note. We will source the item that you need.

Item IDDescriptionQuantity
ECO RBU - 2.5"OD x 1.0"ID x 9.75"L